Crudoleum® Pennsylvania Crude Oil Testimonials

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"I'm just starting to use Crudoleum® Crude Oil Shampoo but my hair seems to be getting a little thickness in it! It is fantastic!" After a month of use, "CRUDOLEUM® PENNSYLVANIA CRUDE OIL SHAMPOO IS PHENOMENAL! It is really starting to make my hair grow!"

- R.B., Marina Del Rey, CA

"Great product. It has certainly helped with my male pattern baldness and thinning hair... my hairs feels great. I've documented informally my hair growth and it has been noticeable in these months."

- G.G. San Francisco, CA

"I use Crudoleum® Pennsylvania Crude Oil Shampoo for shaving! I used to never shave on the morning of a hot day because I would get razor burn, the red bumps and irritated skin from the heat. I tried just about everything else out there including products with aloe, with no results to help heal the razor burn. But now I apply just a small portion (of Crudoleum® Pennsylvania Crude Oil Shampoo) into my hand, and rub into both hands and onto my face. I do not get razor burn anymore."

- TM., Phoenixville, PA

"The shampoo (Crudoleum® Pennsylvania Crude Oil), it's WONDERFUL, have you used it? It makes my hair so soft."

- SG, New York, NY

"This a very nice product. Cleans gently scalp and hair. I will buy it again."

- J.G., Boonsboro, MD

"It really works! It doesn't leave a residue like most other shampoos - it soaks right into the follicle. It doesn't weigh the hair down..."

-S.R. Gainesville, FL

"...the shampoo is helping with my hair loss."

- M.R., Genoa, OH

"Tried Crudoleum® Crude Oil Shampoo and love it; using for thinning hair."

- S.G., MA

"I really love this shampoo. It has really cleared up some scalp issues."

- J.L., Phoenix, AZ

"This a very nice product. Cleans gently my scalp and hair. I will buy it again!"

- J.G., Boonsboro, MD

"I started using this (Crudoleum® Pennsylvania Crude Oil Shampoo), my hair is growing back and it is curly again. I gave some to my sister, who has the same problem, and she said 'that stuff you recommended is so good!'"

- G.O., Long Beach, CA

"Crudoleum® PA Crude oil shampoo, That is SOOO good. I'm just crazy about it."

- P.C., New Bern, NC

"Love your shampoo product (Crudoleum® crude oil shampoo) I just ordered. Wonderful on thinning hair!"

- K.M., Palm City, FL

"I started using this (Crudoleum® PA crude oil shampoo) , my hair is all growing back and it is all curly again. I gave some to my sister who has the same problem, and she said "that stuff you recommended is so good."

- G.O.,Long Beach, CA

"My hair is healthier looking and the nice part is that less hair is on my comb each day. That’s a good hair day."

- C.W.,Spring Hill, FL

"My hair has a very nice texture and is shiny. Great improvement since using it."

-I.W.,Spring Hill, FL

"Love the crude oil treatment and olivae shampoo. We love the conditioner, makes your hair full but silky, its a fantastic conditioner, give it a try! It just works with everything."

-G.A.W.,Bath PA

"I am in week 3 of treatment and I can say my hair has stop falling out. I still see a few strands but not a lot as I did before. So I am happy with my purchase."

-L.B.,Long Island City, NY

"I'm using the Crudoleum® crude oil package and my hairdresser said to me that (5th time after crude oil) Hairdresser said 'there's new growth here,' some are dark and some are gray (I am older), and this is definitely new growth."

- C.C., Chicopee, MA

"I have & am still using Hair & Scalp Crudoleum® Pennsylvania Crude Oil & Pennsylvania Crude Oil Rinse. I had a dry patch on my scalp. I tried many, many things. Doctor & Dermatologist gave me over the counter stuff, that I've already tried, and nothing worked. The dry patch was getting bigger. I got your catalog from my son, and tried the crude oil treatment. I've only used 1/2 the bottle, and no more dry scalp after about the 4th washing of my hair. I'm very happy with the crude Oil Treatment."

- E.M., Las Vegas, NV

"This product helped my mother with her shingles on her scalp. It helped take away a lot of the itching and burning."

- R.K., Tonawanda, NY

"I began loosing circles of hair a few years ago. They tell me it was stress, but the Penn Oil Treatments ended that. Now I use the Penn Oil Shampoo."

- M.H., St. Marie, MT

"I am seeing amazing results with the Pennsylvania Crude Oil and I'm massaging with Castor Oil, so I've bought one for my mom and husband, who are both balding. Great product!"

- C.O.,Visalia, CA

"The quality and condition of my hair have greatly improved. My hair now looks better and feels softer. I am sticking to Baar's Crudoleum® Pennsylvania Crude Oil Treatment because of the noticeable improvement of the hair appearance. No other products have ever achieved this result."

- C.S., Rochester, England